Surface unpacked

I got me a Surface (would that be a “Surface pad” or what?) today as a kind of present.

Now I have to figure out what it can be used for, as at first glance the app store does not look very impressive and obvious candidates like Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, GoodReads, Dropbox, Waze and SnapSeed are missing, to mention my toplist in the home and entertainment area.

On the business side I did not yet find Citrix, and I have a suspicion that Java is missing. (Hopefully though Flash could be missing, I wouldn’t mind reading news without ads…)

And custom apps like my bank, my insurance, my food store and my travel agency also add to the picture, or lack thereof.

And lastly, based on the number of logins just to set it up and run the Windows update process on the Surface, I guess having a random-generated 25-character password (including all kinds of special characters) was a great idea for set-and-forget apps like mail on smartphone, or login through webbrowser at home, but as my password program isn’t available (is there actually any password safe available yet?) it turned out not to be such a bright idea to login with Windows Live on the Surface…

And oh, I also do miss XMarks to synchronise my favorites across all computers and devices.

Well, it’s far from iPad in some ways, but at least I have SkyDrive and OneNote !

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