Where are the apps?

Its almost a month now and still the most I can do to my Surface RT is read some mail (in the unlikely event there is any since I will most likely already have fetched it on my PC or iPhone…), write some rudimentary posts in WordPress (still lacking all the features and elegance on the iPad), use OneNote (again if I haven’t already synced everything between my phone and PC), and last but absolutely not least, play Jetpack Joyride.

Firstly because its fun, and second because letting my daughters do so frees up my PC for myself instead of them.

But the question still remains, since there’s not even Facebook capabilities on the Surface yet, where on Earth are all the apps ? Or when ?

(And by the way, since I’m logged in with my Windows Live account, why is Skydrive photos not working? Luckily I also stored all the necessary photos in Dropbox since so far it works more smooth than Skydrive)

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