Ancestry & heritage

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself today. After some months on and off I’ve finally managed to loop through all the 992 automatic matches of ancestors at MyHeritage, right now the family tree I’ve created has 484 people in it (an increase with at least some 50 persons compared to the old paper-based documentation I have gathered for quite some time), and with all the links to other trees there’s material for quite long time of further investigation whenever I get the time and feel in the mood for it. Also it was really nice to locate some unknown relatives on my grandmothers side and also a few on my wifes mothers side since those two are the branches with the least known information.

Incidentally, the first homework in my daughters first grade class last week was to create a simple family tree with names and relations. That was quickly accomplished, she just had her pick of a few of her 21 second cousins and then we added a few uncles, and her great-grandmother since she’s met her on quite a few occasions.

I guess the next step is in collection stories rather than just facts, but so far it’s enough fun just getting the basics in place with names, dates, and places, and all the photos from family photo albums. But for now, I think this could be called a good start!

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