SkyDrive as camera backup

An interesting update to the SkyDrive app for iPhone and iPad was released today. Automatic synchronization of camera photos to SkyDrive.
In itself and from an end user (as in private, not corporate user) a really neat functionality (although I guess I finally have to make up my mind on where to store what since it’s a little overkill to sync all photos both to iCloud Photo Stream, and to SkyDrive and also to Dropbox. Oh well…), but thinking from information management perspective it creates a small question.

How do I now properly separate corporate data and private data ? Should I choose to use my private SkyDrive account on the iPhone or iPad it wouldn’t be an issue, except that I’d also get private documents there instead of work document which I maybe would have wanted. On the other hand if I use my corporate SkyDrive account this instead means that I’d be uploading both my work and private photos to my work account.

In addition it gets slightly funny if I were to use multiple IOS devices with the same Apple-ID, but with one logged in to personal SkyDrive and the other to corporate SkyDrive, since they would show different photos being synced but the iCloud photo stream would be the same. Finding where data was saved, and to which cloud (or clouds) it was synchronized may after a while become slightly tricky.

But nevertheless, it’s a really nice update, enhancing the SkyDrive app with things that have so far existed only through iCloud or Dropbox. Definitely worth using.

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