The things I do for fun

Put the kids to bed yesterday, fell asleep myself as well. Woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep and decided to just read some news on Twitter.

Got stuck in the annoying error that’s been following me on the new computer, that it does not display the Live Tile for the Weather app unlike my other computer does. I thought I had nailed it when I found out the app security settings differed, and that the app that failed lacked authorization to my location, but after having added that it still failed.

But, then I happened to notice a really trivial item, so simple I had just overlooked it, maybe since clock does not display on the Start screen and so you’re not reminded like when it’s in Taskbar. The time (date) was a whole day off, despite clock sync being enabled. And in order to resolve this to get actual time I had to disable clock sync.

After setting the date to what it should be, the Weather app quickly sorted itself out on my Start screen.

The things I do for fun (and in the middle of the night…)

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