No IOS8 for me for now

Apple released IOS8 yesterday, but I think I will be sticking with IOS7 for the time being.

  • I see no startling revelations or must-have’s in functionality.
  • I see no change in design, even though it would have been too much to hope for that Apple would go back to the nice looking IOS6, at least one could have hoped they’d gotten tired of the “flat design” now. But apparently not yet.
  • I see reports on Ars Technica that the iPhone 5S is slower after the upgrade, marginally so with a few milliseconds but still slower and since I see no major functionality drivers motivating the performance drop I see no reason to suffer reduced speed. (Hopefully that’ll be resolved in a later update anyway.)

I believe that pretty much sums it up, and while Twitter is full of reports of people not having space enough to upgrade that seems to be quite easy to work around by using iTunes instead. More worrying than are the scattered mentionings of people loosing stuff, primarily photos, but that could just as easy be by some user mistake.

But what’s really new ? So far I’ve only seen these mentioned

  • Selfie timer on the camera. Not very urgent for me to have.
  • Changes in the photo album, not sure I’ve understood all references but as I have what I need this is also not very important for me.
  • An addition of “recently called” and recently deleted” which cannot be deleted. Seems unnecessary and nothing I really lack.
  • A new health-app which I have no use for.
  • Some changes to SMS’es which I can’t yet see any need for.
  • New smarter keyboard, this would be nice of course, even nicer would be a smarter Autocorrect feature.
  • Family sharing, ah well, if only the iPad had multiple logins with a profile for each user then that would have been great, but since it hasn’t I don’t see the point.
  • iCloud Drive, now that would be quite nice but since I haven’t had it before I can manage without it for a while yet. I guess.

Is that everything ? The commercials mentions hundreds of new improvements ? Beyond iCloud Drive I really only see smaller updates. For a whole new version 8 I would have expected more, or a graphic redesign. Not just features making this look more like a 7.x release ?


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