iCloud download vastly outperforming OneDrive

I’ve been setting up my new Windows 8.1 computer these last days, and after installation it’s mostly been waiting for download of cloud data from various sources. Dropbox is hardly worth counting since there is so little data there, but the iCloud photo stream is quite large and larger still is the 250 GB of photos in OneDrive.

And seeing from network usage, iCloud vastly outperforms the download speeds i get from OneDrive. During the same session, I only get between 2-10 Mbit/s of data from OneDrive while iCloud pushes the files to me up to 36 Mbit/s. And even if this is on Wi-Fi I see no major differences by going to wired network.

So, while the initial download won’t be done that very often and incremental sync should not be affected by this difference in any bigger way, still it’s good to know for future references in case of reinstallations.

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