Surface reflections, again

I’ve had my Surface RT for about a year and a half now, and looking back at my previous thoughts I can see almost nothing seems to have changed.  And almost nothing still really works, in fact even less now than back then.

I still can’t really use it for anything except reading email and looking at notes in OneNote. It’s not even really a usable webbrowser since it won’t sync my favorites and passwords. And I’ve uninstalled a number of apps that didn’t really work out from the start, or that I’m not needing for the moment, like the Citrix client, and Google Search and several others.

I’ve tried a few games, and while Age of Empires does run it suffers quite a bit from the small screen size and the performance is quite slow. But all of the apps are slow anyway so I guess the device itself is almost at its end. Quite sad since it was such a nice idea but it lacked functionality from the start and while that never showed up now it also lacks performance.

As it stands right now the only useful purpose it serves is for the kids to play on, since they’re small enough to not need any heavy graphics yet. It feels like quite an expensive toy, even though it was a gift and I never had to pay anything for it.

I don’t think I’ll go for the Surface 3, and I’ll definitely not go for any “RT” edition of Windows again. But while others seems to dislike Windows 8, I actually think it’s quite ok, I could even get used to the start screen if only there wasn’t so much switching to the desktop to run basically 100% of everything I use. It will be quite interesting to see how Windows 10 will change things once it is released, I’ve not yet taken the time to try out the preview.

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