Can I print it?

I’m approaching entry number 2000 on my personal blog. It is filled with thoughts and reflections and has become a sort of diary I’d hate to loose in case something were to happen. As a result of that, lately I’ve been thinking on and off about how to counter this.

As a start I see two immediate challenges.
– Smaller issues are solved by restoring a backup. Due to all migrations between ISP’s, technical changes and upgrades I’ve been doing over the years, I feel I’m quite ready in that regard.
– A bigger problem however is what would happen if a more major problem would arise, such as WordPress being rendered completely non-functional for any reason, or for prices to rise to such a level it becomes too expensive to continue to host the data online.

One way of preserving the data would then be to print it. Initial cost but less or none long-term monthly cost. But can I do this?

Is there a plugin that allows me to print several thousand entries and even more thousand papers in an effective way so nothing is lost or forgotten and chronology of printing is preserved without having to open every single entry and print them manually one by one? I need to look into this.

Meanwhile, we’re approaching New Year’s Eve and a new year in 2015, it’ll be exciting to see what this will bring, now that I’ve tried resuming writing more often after a year or two with less activity. It’s so easy to think I can write things down later, and then they’ll pile up and it won’t get done and after a few weeks or months it’s all forgotten. And it is nice to be able to browse through historical notes as a remembrance of what we did, when and where, and why.

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