The case of doing too many changes at the same time

I’m experiencing some quite annoying technical issues with 2 of my websites, and it appears I also suffer from the classical case of having done too many changes at the same time.

The problem is quite simple to spot, since the sites don’t load the first time the user starts the webbrowser. No errors, nothing, just a blank page. And since nothing gets loaded there is no way of trying to “refresh” the page either, the user needs to restart the browser. At which point the pages works fine.

With no apparent errors this is going to be interesting to troubleshoot, so I started going through my changelogs for the past weeks.

  • Upgraded WordPress (well, this came automagically so strictly it wasn’t me, but still it was as I’m the one who allowed autoupdates)
  • Installed Jetpack, I hadn’t really expected any errors with this since it works fine on a 3rd identically configured site.
  • Changed PHP version, since my hosting provider informed they had enabled the new versions. Strictly not required, more of a lifecycle upgrade and therefore this is the first change to be rolled back as well.
  • And some minor stuff like changing some themes (one site only though), adding WPSec (which was done some weeks before but I’m excluding no leads for the time being)

I think that was all, it’s at least everything I’ve noted down. And I’d really to avoid disabling functionality so I’m hoping this is either a PHP issue, or potentially a serverside issue like memory related or similar.


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