I’ve upgraded the first of my computers to Windows 10, the others have not yet gotten the option to upgrade but that’s no problem since I can then spend a bit more time learning and fixing any issues on the first PC for the time being.

The upgrade worked very smooth in itself, it paused for quite some time detecting devices and for a moment I thought the process was hanging, but then it resumed and upgrade finished without any glitches. At least at first glance.

Then I noticed the poor screen resolution and discovered the graphics driver must have failed to install. And after login that proved to be the case. The Microsoft and NVIDIA drivers battled a short while for control over who gets to be in the driver seat, but soon things seemed to be settled with NVIDIA as the winning driver.

Windows 10: NVIDIA driver

That’s where things went wrong and in retrospect I must blame myself as well. This is when the OneDrive upgrade started, and I didn’t check the fine print well enough, since I didn’t notice that it defaulted to the C: drive, even though in the existing installation I had moved the folder to D: due to its size. So the installation process started to create a new folder structure, and for unknown reason this failed too, leaving me with one failed OneDrive which refused to sync, and one giant unused OneDrive datafolder.

After some searching I happened on this most excellent article on how to initiate a reinstallation/reset of OneDrive, which turned out to be just what I needed, in one go I cleared up both problems and now I have OneDrive syncing properly and located on the right drive. Though I must confess I’m not entirely comfortable with the new design that only synced folders are visible, I would really like to see non-synced foldes in order to be able to add files to them even if I don’t want to download the entire folder contents.

But, all in all, for the moment all basic things seems to be running. (Except my 3rd-party antivirus was uninstalled and replaced with Windows Defender, but I’ll think about reinstalling it later).

And now on to find all the new and fun stuff…!

Windows 10: Here we go!

Update 1: I’ve noticed a few glitches, mainly right now concerning user accounts. All other user accounts on the computer seems to work fine (except several of the kids apps are failing). For my own accounts however, it’s quite annoying that the display name keeps changing from full name to email adress. And I’ve found no way to change it, I even ran NETPLWIZ.EXE and set the account properties but they got removed at next login, so it’s “something” unknown that keeps changing the name. And it all started when I reinstalled OneDrive, so that’s were my primary suspicions lie.

Update 2: I’ve also seen the new Store and several apps fail, for both myself, I cannot make or install purchases, not even for free apps. (They get added to the list of purchased items, but they never install.), and also for the kids where some apps (mainly Microsoft games) fail to run, and requests reinstallation, which I can do, but they still fail to either run, or fail to install. And there are tons of popups to re-authenticate with Xbox Live, hopefully this is only due to some overload, and not a sign that Windows 10 is this glitchy permanently.

Update 3: It also seems the Family functions in the accounts are broken, I’ve had to reenable the link to the kids accounts on this computer, which seems fine since the disconnection was due to the upgrade, but the links on the SurfaceRT are also broken. But I guess I’ll just live with that for now, it’s only SurfaceRT so far and it’s mostly useless anyway.


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