I used to update because I needed to, now I update because I’m forced

Earlier versions of Windows gave me the opportunity to patch and install updates frequently, in order to keep the system stable and secure. And I did update as soon as possible.

With Windows 10 this has changed, now I update because I am forced to. Since I can’t block patches. Like a few weeks ago, in mid-october, when KB3097617 was released, and Explorer.exe started to hang on my Windows 10 Pro machine, (though luckily not on the ones running Windows 10 Home). Typically like this, if any dialogbox shows up at all.

Explorer.exe system hang 2015-11-28 2

Add to this now the latest upgrades of apps, which I can’t stop, which upgrades the Xbox app from version 9-something to 11-something, after which it won’t login any more. Instead just giving a green screen, and nothing else can be done, no buttons, no logout, nothing.

Xbox wont log in 2015-11-28

At first I thought I had a corrupt user profile. But then by coincidence one of the computers downloaded the Windows 10 November update, which oddly made the Xbox app start to work again.

Now if only I could force the other computers to download the November update instead of just waiting for it to happen magically at the time of Microsofts choosing.

This new enforced upgrade policy is starting to get slightly annoying, loosing me time not being able to run software I have paid for, loosing time troubleshooting things I shouldn’t have to, and loosing time waiting for updates I cannot force install. Time I could use for many other things.


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