Minnow suddenly looked different

It started just the other day, my personal website looked different.

And not intentionally by my doing, which I didn’t like at all.

At first I didn’t see it, it was after all only a minor change in appearance. But then I got it, the font had changed. And the font in Minnow was one of the reasons I use this particular lovely little theme (the other being it’s clean and without distractions).

But why? I hadn’t updated anything, or had I…?

So I began to backtrack through the endless stream of updates. The iPhone and iPad gets gigabytes of updates almost every day for all apps, quite annoying but quickly eliminated since the problem existed on PC as well.

Firstly, it only happened for the website hosted on a dedicated server, not for the same replica hosted on WordPress.com, (this site).

So what auto-updates on a WordPress site? Well, basically everything…
The site itself, but that hadn’t changed. The WP Security plugin, hadn’t changed. And Jetpack, which seems to update itself about every time I look away, also hadn’t changed.

Oh well, onwards. Now, the problem also only happened when using Firefox, not in IE, or Edge.So I started on that end. Edge works, FF does not. But FF works on another users computer, so it must be a local issue then.

Not Firefox versions, these were the same. But after disabling all plugins it worked. Which, by re-enabling them one by one pinpointed the problem to NoScript, and as it turned out, this plugin had just auto-updated itself just a few days ago. Got it!

Now, the problem became something else. All relevant sites were whitelisted, the local domain, wp.com, wordpress.com, and gstatic.com for the fonts. So this shouldn’t really happen. A quick search on Google turned up some recommendation to allow the @font-face value, which I tested but still things did not work.

Enter Forum search to the rescue. Not much of a search really since it was listed among the top hot topics, new NoScript update breaks Google Fonts. And a solution as well, to install the newest release candidate.

And while I usually prefer stable released versions to RC’s, in this case given the choice of uninstalling NoScript, or not having working fonts, the answer was to use the RC.


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