Avast SafeZone, autoinstallation without consent

I had been reading news during the evening, in Firefox as usual. And when I closed it I noticed a new icon had appeared on my desktop, for an Avast SafeZone Browser.

Now, what’s this?

Updates and signatures, of course, scanner engines, restarts, fine, but I’m not entirely sure I like the idea of Avast installing completely new features like entire webbrowsers without asking for my consent or even telling me in the first place. It reminds me too much of the first time https-certificate insertion appeared and replaced all my banking certificates with Avast proxy certificates, (which led me to try out Panda instead).

Apparently I’m back with using Avast, and apparently again I’m being surprised. In more than one way though, as initially I considered just uninstalling the SafeZone Browser, but then decided to give it a quick test to see how it behaved, and got quite surprised there too.

Facebook is simply lightning fast, I can’t recall it ever having been this fast, and clean. And the same goes for several other sites as well. like Twitter, some newspapers and so on. And after some looking I did actually find my imported bookmarks, so at a first glance things seem quite smooth. (Except it uses the wrong search engine by default. that setting could have been imported as well).

But there are the plugins for Firefox, maybe not the end of the world, but I like them. Especially the XMarks sync for bookmarks, because there’s really more to bookmarks than importing them. I want to be able to switch browsers, when a site requires it for some reason, and I don’t want to import bookmarks. I want them synced, between all my browsers and all my devices. So until XMarks becomes available for the Avast browser, I’m sorry but it won’t be enough, for me. The others are mostly built-in, except HTTPFox, which is nice to have but not crucial, but XMarks is a must.

I guess I’ll keep it for testing for a few more days, but I don’t appreciate not getting told when new software is installed on my computers. And first impressions last.


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