Webbrowser homepage changes

Yesterday I was notified by Avast there was an (“critical”, or just “important”, I don’t recall?) upgrade to Skype available and whether I wanted to install it. The installation didn’t work, so I initiated it directly from within Skype instead which worked well.

During the installation Skype tries to change my webbrowsers homepage to MSN, I’m quite certain that I want to keep my personal homepage thank you…

After installation nothing more happened, until today, when starting the computer I was met by an alert from Avast that I was running an unsafe plugin, Skype, with poor reputation, and whether I wanted to remove it.

That sounded fine with me since I don’t use the web plugin anyway, but when asked by Avast that if I wanted to remove the plugin I also needed to change my webbrowser homepage I opted out and disabled the plugin by myself.

Sometimes all these popups are just too much! And I’m still spending way too much time accepting upgrades and fixing failing upgrades…

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