Why would I want Windows 10 Anniversary update?

I was reading up on the news posted about the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Judging from what IDG says, it seems there will be a Bash implementation allowing me to run Linux commands on Windows. I can’t see this as any major consumer usage, but it could be just me not using any Linux thingies, (yet).

And there’s some updates for Cortana, great, if Cortana was even available in the first place. Which it isn’t unless I’ve completely missed something on my PC.

And Stylus, biometric login and support for Xbox, neither of which I use on my rather standard PCs.

But hopefully there’s more, my wishlist would include things like

  • Better possibilities to force uninstallation of corrupt apps that list themselves as installed but don’t work and can’t be removed for some reason.
  • Some way to reset user profiles that won’t work (like when the user can’t launch the Store app you’re kind of stuck, especially when some of the apps save files locally, somewhere which can’t be located, and even more especially when those saves are your kids gavorite games highscore…). Or at least force reinstallation or “fixing” of apps, including the Store app itself.
  • Also, I’d really, really like to be able to clean out junk apps from the purchase history in Store. Or at least hide them, like in Apple’s AppStore, so that they don’t clutter up the list of apps not present on the device and so to prevent them from ever getting installed again.
  • And if Edge is ever going to become a usable browser for me, it would need to support Xmarks. Preferrably a number of other plugins as well, but top of the list is Xmarks.
  • And lastly, maybe a cleanup of the most frequent errors in the eventlog, like for example the one about RuntimeBroker which seems to happen to many users, judging from the number of postings about it.



Beyond that I can’t actually think of much else I’d need or want, since Windows 10 in itself is working pretty well. Though this is of course from a home user perspective rather than business.


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