Quarterly website backup done

WordPress has become quite stable with their new automatic update functionality. So stable that it’s to forget making proper backups, and just rely on the webhost to have this (which is not the case here) and the auto-update to always work (which so far has been the case).

But since the last backup was just before new years, it seemed like a good time to go about this painful task again. Painful because the way to backup the sites from the service provider is through FTP, and because the FTP connection gets disconnected over and over, with an error message that I’m over limit of 10 simultaneous connections, which is interesting since I’ve set FileZilla to never go above 8.

I’ve tried to lower it to 5 connections, and while the error won’t go away, it at least reconnects more quickly, less waiting time for sessions to die I would guess.

But now I’m done for this time, 4 websites, plus mySQL databases, 50000 files, and about 1,75 GB of data saved to local device for later transfer to bank vault.

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