And all I wanted was to quickly download a file

The morning starts with troubleshooting my own computer, as it so often tend to do. Auto-updates may be a must in some cases but sometimes they’re really more a pain…

This morning I wanted to update my webpage, and in order to do so I needed to access the photos from yesterday, which were uploaded to OneDrive, since I was now on a computer which does not cache this folder locally due to lack of disk space.

Starting Firefox and going over to I noticed a new, odd behavior. There was an infinite reload-loop and selecting a folder was almost impossible. The reloads also made the browser so slow it became unusable. (Excluding the fact that this really shouldn’t happen of course).

A quick check in Edge confirmed it was a Firefox problem, and that reminded me of the notification I had dismissed that NoScript had updated itself. Seeing this a the most likely problem I disabled the plugin and all was well again.

What annoys me in this is that I have whitelisted all URL’s used and needed by Onedrive, so this shouldn’t really happen. And it’s the second time in a short while where NoScript has failed. I really like the plugin, but I don’t like unpredicted instability, so I’m not sure whether to keep NoScript or not, but I’m not sure there are any equally good replacements either.

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