Failed upgrade of Plex Media Server

I failed in my attempts to upgrade Plex Media Server on QNAP.

Since I’ve been running on a quite old version, for some time, the news that a version 1.x was out felt very interesting.

But, while the upgrade itself worked properly, the problems was what did not work afterwards.

  • Immediately after upgrade I am faced with a message saying there’s a never version, that’s fine since QNAP probably hasn’t certified it yet, but it’s annoying since I had turned off notifications and checks for updated versions in my previous existing installation.
  • More annoying was the repeated message every time I access Plex homepage that there was an unclaimed media server on my network. And I found no way of dismissing the message.
  • The next glitch was all the new (old) menu items were back, and for some reason the menu options for what to show in the sidebar panel, which could be access in the previous version, were now not present.
  • And the final straw that together with everything else above made me revert to the old version, was that once I actually access my different media libraries, a lot of images were missing or broken, and updating the items didn’t seem to work, at least not the first few times.

So now I’m back at version again. I expect there will be quite some time before I attempt another upgrade. Alas. Having a version 1.x would have been nice, but I do prefer the reliability I have had for some years in the older version.


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