Tour of duty ended

Today is the last day of over 15 years of duty guard. The official termination is from 31/12, but my last duty guard period for the old company ended this day.

Not with a bang, but with a whisper…

I expect there will be piece and quiet, at least until 1/1, or however soon the new company discovers they need this service too.

At least I can look forward to a long I disturbed Christmas and New Years vacation with no obligation to attend phone or check mail (beyond just for the fun of it) !


Oslo and Identity Management

Tomorrow I’m off for Oslo (too early really, leaving at 05.30) and first of all a quick status update on migrations, but after that the real reason for the visit is a full day workshop and meetings on Identity & Access Management. Last session ends at 19.00, I believe the day will feel absolutely crammed.

About blogging

I’m hearing every now and then people mentioning that I have a blog.
I find it quite amusing to see the same people be so surprised that someone actually uses all the new collaborative technology that we have purchased and built.

I guess I sometime should tell them I don’t really have one blog, that one’s really only rarely used. I actually have four, and two retired, plus one semi-active wiki, two half-and-half abandoned discussion forums, and a few others servers on top of that. I’m really trying to consolidate, whenever I have some spare time over of my free time, which is actually very seldom considering the kids, the family and the photography.
But someday I will succeed…


Saturday evening. Cup of tea, some emails, and scome scribbling in OneNote.
It is really a great tool, but I’m still not entirely comfortable with the instant saving and there being no “Save”-button. I guess old habits die hard. 🙂