Oslo and Identity Management

Tomorrow I’m off for Oslo (too early really, leaving at 05.30) and first of all a quick status update on migrations, but after that the real reason for the visit is a full day workshop and meetings on Identity & Access Management. Last session ends at 19.00, I believe the day will feel absolutely crammed.


About blogging

I’m hearing every now and then people mentioning that I have a blog.
I find it quite amusing to see the same people be so surprised that someone actually uses all the new collaborative technology that we have purchased and built.

I guess I sometime should tell them I don’t really have one blog, that one’s really only rarely used. I actually have four, and two retired, plus one semi-active wiki, two half-and-half abandoned discussion forums, and a few others servers on top of that. I’m really trying to consolidate, whenever I have some spare time over of my free time, which is actually very seldom considering the kids, the family and the photography.
But someday I will succeed…


Saturday evening. Cup of tea, some emails, and scome scribbling in OneNote.
It is really a great tool, but I’m still not entirely comfortable with the instant saving and there being no “Save”-button. I guess old habits die hard. 🙂

Video conferencing tests

Sometimes I love my job. It’s so nice to actually sometime be able to test something that works completely, and with really great quality (instead of the usual daily struggle…)

Like today, when we tested a 3-party video conferencing, where two users connected into the big fullscreen video meeting projector, from their iPhones, using 3G only, and still with impressive video quality. (You really had to see it to believe it, I must try to arrange to get a picture taken)

3G may not be the optimal solution for longer meetings, (but a simple wi-fi with internet connection should do), but it did prove the point, the video setup works like a dream even on very poor network bandwidth.