Video conferencing tests

Sometimes I love my job. It’s so nice to actually sometime be able to test something that works completely, and with really great quality (instead of the usual daily struggle…)

Like today, when we tested a 3-party video conferencing, where two users connected into the big fullscreen video meeting projector, from their iPhones, using 3G only, and still with impressive video quality. (You really had to see it to believe it, I must try to arrange to get a picture taken)

3G may not be the optimal solution for longer meetings, (but a simple wi-fi with internet connection should do), but it did prove the point, the video setup works like a dream even on very poor network bandwidth.


Project humor

I got a request today from one of the central projects:
“What is your strategy for Internet Explorer Favorites?”

I felt slightly at a loss on what to reply since the question felt somewhat vague, so I suggested to my department manager that we would need a one week summit in London to fully explore all the details on the request.
The reply I got was that this is insufficient, we would need at least two weeks in Las Vegas. 🙂

Soon all of this will end

Major project reorganisation again. About the 5th or 6th I believe. With about 1,5 months left of the project it is starting to feel like there is maybe, really, a light in the tunnel ahead, soon.

Today it is almost 2 years since the project officially started. It has been a massive once in a lifetime experience (but that’s what I recall thinking about i-2001/Nextstep too at that time, so who knows…), performing a demerger, outsourcing and offshoring, while at the same time designing and building an entire IT infrastructure architecture from absolutely zero and up to what it is today, and in a completely hostile environment with all major stakeholders in opposition. That has been quite an interesting journey.

One day when all of this is over I shall look back on the project and say “I built this”,
by the time that happens, there shall be noone else left who remember it.

Two days in Helsinki

Back home from a visit to Helsinki, mentally tiresome although very good meetings with some real sharp subject matter experts, (and some not so very sharp too).

Still I’m on the whole quite pleased with the trip, it gave a lot of valuable input on things working and things in dire need of attention and shaping up.

And I managed to catch almost 10 minutes walk and view of the town as well…