Restorations and cloud sync

I had to spend last wednesday evening doing a kind of system restore.

OneDrive had finally gone completely bananas, and insisted on stating there was no internet connection, meanwhile sync still worked properly, except the indexing engine consumed all disk capacity on the boot drive, and huge loads of CPU as well.

First I tried a system restore, since I also had a problem with DirectX or the NVidia graphics drivers, where especially CoD:AW continually crashed a few times every day.
That didn’t help at all and actually made things worse since Dropbox stopped working after the restore. Which led to an rollback of the system restore and brought me back to where I was, with the same OneDrive problems unfortunately.

Next attempt was simply to delete my user profile, which felt somewhat risky since it had grown to 175 GB, but all data was supposed to be safe in the cloud so… to boldly go…!

Profile deleted, account needed to be deleted as well, and then re-created, then I could login without errors, and lo! OneDrive started working properly!

And surprisingly much else just started working right out of the box. Steam did not even glitch, some icons for Password Safe and Dropbox went missing but all data was there, even favorites in Firefox since I’m using XMarks. So far the only thing I really have found not working was the start page, plugins and settings in Firefox, and since these could be quite a pain to restore I took a shortcut and exported the whole Firefoxprofile from another computer and loaded, which worked nicely.

It took a few hours for OneDrive to fully resync itself, but apart from the waiting time all now seems fine so I guess it was worth it. If only I could now find the cause or solution for the DirectX error as well.


iPhone restored

Well then. I just completed restoring my iPhone from an old backup which I luckily had done just the day before the Snapseed app got updated to its new version, which in my opinion was a significant step backwards in user friendliness and functionality.

First update in years and the app is so drastically changed it should really have been a completely different app, so those wanting it could buy it.

But all’s well that ends well, and at least I have finally gotten around to disabling the auto-update functionality on my iPhone and iPad, I had thought about doing it for a long while but hadn’t really done it since on the whole everything worked well enough and it was easier to auto-download than to install manually. But no more so.

Can I print it?

I’m approaching entry number 2000 on my personal blog. It is filled with thoughts and reflections and has become a sort of diary I’d hate to loose in case something were to happen. As a result of that, lately I’ve been thinking on and off about how to counter this.

As a start I see two immediate challenges.
– Smaller issues are solved by restoring a backup. Due to all migrations between ISP’s, technical changes and upgrades I’ve been doing over the years, I feel I’m quite ready in that regard.
– A bigger problem however is what would happen if a more major problem would arise, such as WordPress being rendered completely non-functional for any reason, or for prices to rise to such a level it becomes too expensive to continue to host the data online.

One way of preserving the data would then be to print it. Initial cost but less or none long-term monthly cost. But can I do this?

Is there a plugin that allows me to print several thousand entries and even more thousand papers in an effective way so nothing is lost or forgotten and chronology of printing is preserved without having to open every single entry and print them manually one by one? I need to look into this.

Meanwhile, we’re approaching New Year’s Eve and a new year in 2015, it’ll be exciting to see what this will bring, now that I’ve tried resuming writing more often after a year or two with less activity. It’s so easy to think I can write things down later, and then they’ll pile up and it won’t get done and after a few weeks or months it’s all forgotten. And it is nice to be able to browse through historical notes as a remembrance of what we did, when and where, and why.

Year end (backup) approaching

It’s december and year end is approaching, but also christmas holidays and the need for freeing up space on cameras.

And so it appears my wife has emptied her camera, since when I logged in, my automatic backup started to sync the most recent 15 GB of new photos to OneDrive.

I guess that’s my reminder to also check my own cameras.

Looking for cloud storage

I’m looking for cloud storage, preferrably as cheap as possible since it’s only for my private backups. The problem with taking a huge amount of photographs is that it also creates a huge amont of data, and there are no cheap providers for that.

I still haven’t found any service that compares with simply buying (yet another) new NAS-box to host the data myself. The downside of that is of course that it’s stored at home and not at a secondary location.

Although calculating a little bit shows that it’s probably less expensive to buy a new NAS-box, and put it in one of my grandparents house and then pay for an additional 100 Mbps fiber-connection for them….