Today Oslo, tomorrow Copenhagen

There was an architectural summit workshop in Oslo today.
I am somewhat lost for words on how to summarize it.
Still, some great discussions around MDM, MEAP, 2FA and IDAM/OIM/IDM.

Tomorrow I am off for a whole day in Copenhagen.
At least then I can get up at 5.30 instead of 4.30…


IOS upgrade, again

I’m in Copenhagen this week for a course and workshop in QLM.
It’s interesting of course, I look forward to it being implemented and put to good use.

I’m trying to keep up with the steady flow of mails during the breaks in between course-time. I got a notification that IOS 6.1.2 was released and should fix three very relevant issues so I’m doing a “bleeding edge” upgrade 2 hours after its release 🙂

Issues said to be resolved:
– Exchange calendar issues causing increased network traffic
– Battery life too short
– and also the fix of some earlier resolved security issue which was reintroduced in 6.0

The first one is of most interest to the ongoing task force in troubleshooting some Exchange connectivity issues, the second is of course always nice, and security is simply a must anytime.

Back to work, Copenhagen then Helsinki

First workday after winter holidays. Up all too early to be really good for anything, but on the positive side yesterday the headache that had lasted for almost two weeks broke and so far it’s not yet back so I’m feeling a little bit rested.

Going to Copenhagen for two days closing and lessons learned for the big project, then on to Helsinki for two days. Provided we get value from the meetings there this could be a great worthwhile trip despite the personal issues about it, so far I’m looking forward to it.