NoScript block for Handelsbanken BankID

I had a repeat this weekend of the same issue as last week, that it worked perfectly fine to sign in to my bank, Handelsbanken, using mobile BankID, but approving new payments or transfers did not work, the site would just lock up and not process the approval for the payment.

After some help from Handelsbanken tech support we narrowed it down to the plugins in Firefox, and with some additional testing I found out it’s NoScript (again) which is this time blocking the payment approvals. Previously it has been blocking my internal sites on http://192.168.x.x local subnet, and blocking referrals to Google Fonts, to name the most recent.

I’m not yet sure what I will do here, I don’t want to remove NoScript, but on the other hand it is getting somewhat random what works from day to day, and when it gets to nitty gritty details such as BankID-login working but BankID-signing not working it becomes rather difficult to keep the program without adding a secondary browser for entirely trusted sites, such as banks.

This last option is incidentally suggested by Avast every time I login, to use their SafeZone browser, but I’m not sure why it needs to open 12 parallell processes each time I try to login, so I’m not yet ready to switch to it.

And switching to IE, as suggested by tech support, does work, but the point of using Firefox with NoScript was to make things more secure. NoScript description states that

“It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice, e.g. your home-banking site…”

However, things keep getting broken and fixes breaks new things. If I could get to a stable version I could try to disable automatic updates entirely for it. But so far there’s no stable version in sight. Maybe I should try Edge?


And all I wanted was to quickly download a file

The morning starts with troubleshooting my own computer, as it so often tend to do. Auto-updates may be a must in some cases but sometimes they’re really more a pain…

This morning I wanted to update my webpage, and in order to do so I needed to access the photos from yesterday, which were uploaded to OneDrive, since I was now on a computer which does not cache this folder locally due to lack of disk space.

Starting Firefox and going over to I noticed a new, odd behavior. There was an infinite reload-loop and selecting a folder was almost impossible. The reloads also made the browser so slow it became unusable. (Excluding the fact that this really shouldn’t happen of course).

A quick check in Edge confirmed it was a Firefox problem, and that reminded me of the notification I had dismissed that NoScript had updated itself. Seeing this a the most likely problem I disabled the plugin and all was well again.

What annoys me in this is that I have whitelisted all URL’s used and needed by Onedrive, so this shouldn’t really happen. And it’s the second time in a short while where NoScript has failed. I really like the plugin, but I don’t like unpredicted instability, so I’m not sure whether to keep NoScript or not, but I’m not sure there are any equally good replacements either.

First Major Update for Windows 10

While waiting for the Windows 10 November update to resolve my Xbox problems, I’ve tried to see what’s really in it for me, besides a lengthy time-wasting upgrade period and up to then a lot of non-working apps, like the Xbox app.

Microsoft says,

  • that the new update improves performance over Windows 7, which for me is irrelevant since I noted that already in the original upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. So, nothing new there.
  • that there are new features in Cortana, which to my knowledge still isn’t available in Sweden. So, nothing new there, either.
  • that there are new features in Edge, however Edge is still not on par with Firefox in areas such as syncing my favorites, offering addons and plugins. So any news in Edge is a waste of time for me.
  • there’s also said to be a lot of upgrades to
    • mail (don’t use it since I use Office365)
    • calendar (don’t use it either)
    • Groove (what’s that…?)
    • Xbox (hm, ok, it starts to work again, that’s nice)
    • Store (haven’t seen much news yet, still a lot of unuseful apps)
    • OneNote (nice, but I use the OneNote 2016 in Office365)
    • Solitaire (oh well, one for the kids, maybe)
    • Photos (not sure what’s new but that’s nice, sometimes I even open it and look, mostly though what I see of it is the icon on the start menu, but I guess it’s good anyway)
  • And then there’s supposed to be a lot of updates for office users, which I am not, (on these computers).

So, essentially it’s a major upgrade to resolve a login problem caused by another update, to offer me a new photo icon on the start menu, and maybe give the kids some news in playing solitaire.

I still like Windows 10, but I hope the next major update brings me something more useful.

Fully upgraded to Windows 10, and it’s working great!

Fully upgraded to Windows 10, and it’s working great!

The household is now fully upgraded to Windows 10.

I upgraded my third and last (out of those that can be upgraded, sadly the Surface can’t), and most important computer to Windows 10. After having had some glitches with the graphics driver on both previous upgrades and also hearing about a friends total crash and burn with her upgrade I wasn’t exactly nervous, but still not entirely sure how this would work out.

Especially since this computer runs an Iris HD touch screen graphics card, which the upgrader reported as non-compliant and would be replaced with a factory default driver, and I had unsuccessfully tried to upgrade or replace the driver already on Windows 8.1, since ASUS did not release any newer driver (yet). So I was expecting some functionality drop, at least until a new driver was released, and hoped that touch screen would still work.

As it turned out, the entire upgrade was extremely fast, download and upgrade in all took about 15 minutes, it felt almost faster than waiting for the first login screen. (“Stand by. We’re doing some things…”), and the new graphics driver that came with Windows 10 is actually light years better than the old OEM version, it has less 3rd party tools to manage settings (even though the old Iris control panel for some reason hasn’t been removed and pops up in some scenarios) and it also scales graphics to actual screen size much better than the OEM driver did. And all touch functionality remains. Total win for this one!

Another thing that had been causing me some trouble was OneDrive. None of those happened here. OneDrive correctly identified all previous settings and started to sync files. It seems Windows 8.1 must have missed quite a lot of files, I knew some were missed but not the full extent, since it reported it needed to download 65 GB of missing documents and pictures. But I let it run in the background through the evening and after that all seems to be in order. Except I now need a larger hardddrive…

So, this far most things seems to be running smoothly, at least the important things are. Still I’ve noticed a few small remaining glitches or things that could work better

  • One computer won’t run Store, I’ve read there’s a patch about to be released for that so I’ll just wait and see.
  • Favorites/bookmark sync between Edge and “all the other browsers” is not yet there, prior to upgrade I had full sync between 4 computers and 2 devices and between Firefox, IE11 and Safari of all bookmarks. Edge is the missing item here, I’d really like to see a native sync between IE and Edge, or as second best that XMarks updates and adds Edge to their sync mechanism. Or. Scratch first option, I’d like to sync with master source on XMarks.
  • I’d like to know what keeps changing my username to my email adress all the time, not that it’s a big problem it’s just that on the login screen I see the family’s names except mine which is my email adress. It’s just odd.
  • I’d like to get comfortable enough to upgrade the “compatibility” PC I’ve kept running Windows 7 (since it also runs a virtual Windows XP in order to support an old Windows 3 (!) application. Or I should really take the time to finalize migrating data from that app…)
  • And I’d like to see an upgrade path for Surface RT. Actually not an upgrade path to Windows 10, more an upgrade path that said something along the lines of “return your failed device here and get a new shiny Surface 3 in exchange”)

But apart from that, things are working quite well right now. It feels like there’s less tinkering and fixing than before, and more time to actually do things.