Things I shouldn’t have tested in the last minute

I was planning to reduce the weight and leave the laptop at home, and only bring the Surface tablet to Tech-Ed. And I got the bright idea (or so it seemed at the time) that I would need work email on it as well as my private mail.

And it had completely slipped my mind that I had tried this once before, and it didn’t work then either. So I enabled email, it required setting of some policies, oh well, let’s accept those (I thought I should know the impact), and sync away.

The first problem to come up was that the mailbox is quite large and the sync is horrendously slow, not at all like on iPhone or iPad, but painfully slow. And once sync’ed it is even more painfully slow to actually try to switch mailboxes, quite unusably slow. But I thought I could live with that for a week. Until I noticed that the enforced policies had also removed by numeric pincode login and replaced it with the original 25 character randomized Windows Live account password. Which won’t really do at all in real life.

So, mailsync quickly removed, and now for the exciting task of (once more) trying a systems restore without loosing too much things. This time around I will make sure to write it down, in the hope that the next time I get the bright idea to try to use email on the Surface I will read here first and refrain from it…


IOS upgrade, again

I’m in Copenhagen this week for a course and workshop in QLM.
It’s interesting of course, I look forward to it being implemented and put to good use.

I’m trying to keep up with the steady flow of mails during the breaks in between course-time. I got a notification that IOS 6.1.2 was released and should fix three very relevant issues so I’m doing a “bleeding edge” upgrade 2 hours after its release 🙂

Issues said to be resolved:
– Exchange calendar issues causing increased network traffic
– Battery life too short
– and also the fix of some earlier resolved security issue which was reintroduced in 6.0

The first one is of most interest to the ongoing task force in troubleshooting some Exchange connectivity issues, the second is of course always nice, and security is simply a must anytime.