Back to work, Copenhagen then Helsinki

First workday after winter holidays. Up all too early to be really good for anything, but on the positive side yesterday the headache that had lasted for almost two weeks broke and so far it’s not yet back so I’m feeling a little bit rested.

Going to Copenhagen for two days closing and lessons learned for the big project, then on to Helsinki for two days. Provided we get value from the meetings there this could be a great worthwhile trip despite the personal issues about it, so far I’m looking forward to it.


Two days in Helsinki

Back home from a visit to Helsinki, mentally tiresome although very good meetings with some real sharp subject matter experts, (and some not so very sharp too).

Still I’m on the whole quite pleased with the trip, it gave a lot of valuable input on things working and things in dire need of attention and shaping up.

And I managed to catch almost 10 minutes walk and view of the town as well…