Messages in iCloud

This morning it finally arrived, iOS 11.4 and Messages in iCloud. Finally I was going to be able to sync up all my devices where messages had been scattered over time. Partly because purchasing a new phone and not restoring backups, and partly due to some glitch for a short while causing all replies to SMS:es sent from my phone to end up on my iPad only.

And it worked. Right out of the box.

Now I haven’t counted every single SMS since they’re from 4-5 years at least, but it looks like most messages got over from the old, otherwise unusable, phone to the new one, and the messages from the iPad as well. Oddly though, messages does not seem to have synced to the iPad. But I can live with that.

For this one feature, this was the best iOS upgrade in a very long time.


I’m thinking of abandoning Office365

I’ve started thinking of abandoning Office365, and what I would need to do in order to replace what little remaining functionality there is.

  • Outlook design is too flat, and even the web interface is richer, with more contrast, colors and just as easy to work in. (In fact easier since it’s way much faster in responding)
  • Using contacts in Outlook 2016 is horrible, the old dialog box for adding details is gone, replaced with some flat strangeness, and even more important, to add pictures to my Outlook-contacts I still need to edit contact details through a web browser.
  • Beyond Outlook I’m mainly using OneNote. The rare few times I use Word and Excel are easily counted. And OneNote is free.

That leaves OneDrive as the key factor for safekeeping all my photos and documents. And while I could place them on my NAS the whole point of OneDrive was to have them roaming, available anywhere and safe offsite in case anything would happen to my home computers.

I’m thinking whether any other service could replace this, on the other hand that would mean I’d need to pick and choose software all over again, when all I wanted was one working bundle. But when the bundle goes in the direction of working less and less as needed it gets slightly frustrating.

I’m not sure it will happen yet, but it needs thinking about.

And there is still at least one glitch in a complete move to web-only, in that doesn’t support having contacts in iCloud. Which would mean I’d need to migrate entirely to iCloud email as well, which is really too much work in the way of updating my contact information across all places where I’ve used it.

…always get as much RAM as possible

I remember seeing one of those one-picture funny PC-cartoons a few years back saying something along the lines of “The secret to true happiness is, always get as much RAM as possible”. Quite funny at that time of more limited computer capacity, but I guess it still holds true today. As the capacity grows, so too does programs.

Memory usage, april 2015But on the other hand, what’s the point of having lots of RAM if I don’t use it?

iCloud download vastly outperforming OneDrive

I’ve been setting up my new Windows 8.1 computer these last days, and after installation it’s mostly been waiting for download of cloud data from various sources. Dropbox is hardly worth counting since there is so little data there, but the iCloud photo stream is quite large and larger still is the 250 GB of photos in OneDrive.

And seeing from network usage, iCloud vastly outperforms the download speeds i get from OneDrive. During the same session, I only get between 2-10 Mbit/s of data from OneDrive while iCloud pushes the files to me up to 36 Mbit/s. And even if this is on Wi-Fi I see no major differences by going to wired network.

So, while the initial download won’t be done that very often and incremental sync should not be affected by this difference in any bigger way, still it’s good to know for future references in case of reinstallations.