Leaving the LinkedIn connector

LinkedIn sent out a email to “active users of LinkedIn for Microsoft Outlook Social Connector”, stating that the plugin would be retired shortly and replaced with some app from the MS Store.

As an Office365 user I thought there would be no issues in this, just download and upgrade or install. Didn’t turn out that way.

The link in the email brings me to the Store, which brings me to the login page for Office, which lets me know my Office365 account can’t be used with OWA. Which of course is correct, I simply want the plugin for my installed Outlook client for Office365 and other email accounts.

The intention may well be to get users over on corporate or intranet accounts for all I know, still this was promoted as a replacement for the old plugin to Office 2010, and since it seems it doesn’t work I’ll be leaving this plugin, too bad since it was a quite nice feature for keeping contacts updated.


Ragequitted Google+

In a bit of temper I ragequitted Google+ yesterday, since it refused to link my accounts properly and insisted on using Norwegian Bokmal as language (since when I initially created my first account I was invited by a Norwegian colleague).

Anyway, I still need the Google-account so I got around to recreating it with proper language and country settings, and even got to change my emailadress to a better than the one I had before. The only things missing right now are all my contacts, but since I really didn’t use Google for them anyway that’s no real loss, they’re still on Facebook or LinkedIn anyway.