CSS modifications to Minnow

I’ve made two minor modifications to my Minnow theme style.css:

Under section /* Wide screens */ changed

    .site-content {
max-width: 960px;


    .site-content {
max-width: 1100px;

and second under

    .content-area {
max-width: 660px;

changed to

    .content-area {
max-width: 800px;

At first I had planned to go for 1200/900, but this became so massive so I backed down to 1100/800 instead. For now. 🙂





I’ve changed to the Minnow theme on this site as well after having used it for some time on other sites. I find it quite elegant and there’s really only one thing I miss: being able to have a picture header behind the title of the site name. That, and the strange bug when reading on an iPad, where everything is just white until you touch the screen after the page has loaded.