Problems with Panda

I’ve not used Panda antivirus for more than 3 days myself and then I’m met with this piece in the news informing me not to reboot since that may delete crucial systemfiles.

Got me a little scared for a while there, especially since I read the news on the phone, as I had just rebooted the computer due to the newly released Microsoft security updates. Luckily everything went well, but I’ve lost a bit of confidence in Panda and will evaluate whether I should maybe go back to Avast again.



Going Panda

I’ve started replacing my home installations of Avast with Panda AV.

  • Panda has received higher ratings and better reviews in for example PCMag.
  • Avast has started pushing too many suggestions to upgrade from free to premium, all the popups confuses the kids and I’m hoping Panda will have less of this.
  • I’ve been unable to remove the Avast https certificate which goes into every https-based site I visit. I want to see which certificate is actually used by the site.

On the other hand, this does have a big drawback in that Panda does not seem to have the outdated software version checker which was so nice a feature in Avast, so I’ll see how long this experiment works.