Year end (backup) approaching

It’s december and year end is approaching, but also christmas holidays and the need for freeing up space on cameras.

And so it appears my wife has emptied her camera, since when I logged in, my automatic backup started to sync the most recent 15 GB of new photos to OneDrive.

I guess that’s my reminder to also check my own cameras.


About blogging

I’m hearing every now and then people mentioning that I have a blog.
I find it quite amusing to see the same people be so surprised that someone actually uses all the new collaborative technology that we have purchased and built.

I guess I sometime should tell them I don’t really have one blog, that one’s really only rarely used. I actually have four, and two retired, plus one semi-active wiki, two half-and-half abandoned discussion forums, and a few others servers on top of that. I’m really trying to consolidate, whenever I have some spare time over of my free time, which is actually very seldom considering the kids, the family and the photography.
But someday I will succeed…