Visiting EMC at Cork, Ireland

I was invited on a two-day briefing and tour of the EMC factory in Ireland. Very interesting technology-wise and also quite fun to see the large factory. There must be some impressive logistics behind this setup. Alas, of course no photos allowed beyond the reception.

EMC, Cork, Ireland, juni 2013

On the way to the restaurant we also had the bus driver stop off for a few minutes to do some lightning-fast sightseeing at Charles Fort in Kinsale with its beautiful view of the sea and town below.

Charles Fort, Kinsale, Ireland, juni 2013


Looking for cloud storage

I’m looking for cloud storage, preferrably as cheap as possible since it’s only for my private backups. The problem with taking a huge amount of photographs is that it also creates a huge amont of data, and there are no cheap providers for that.

I still haven’t found any service that compares with simply buying (yet another) new NAS-box to host the data myself. The downside of that is of course that it’s stored at home and not at a secondary location.

Although calculating a little bit shows that it’s probably less expensive to buy a new NAS-box, and put it in one of my grandparents house and then pay for an additional 100 Mbps fiber-connection for them….