I’m trying out password randomizing

After the last round of annoying email-related hassles I’ve started to test password randomization both on email and (at first only a few) websites.
Even though right now it’s probably not the optimal randomization scheme, I guess it’s still way better than any easily-found word or sentence I can think up myself.

Right now I just have to find me a simple to use and secure enough password randomization site (any suggestions appreciated). And then it’s just the woes of the stupidity of some websites which won’t accept passwords longer than 8 or 10 characters, and does not handle non-alphanumerical characters at all.
Oh well, they’re getting fewer at least…


My digital life

This is a simple experiment. I am trying to break the total facebook-dominance of my life.
Facebook is easy to use, and therefore becomes almost an addiction, yet at the same time it becomes harder and harder to avoid mixing professional and personal life there.

Ideally I should see more real life and less digital life, but in this case I am trying to diversify, to explore other means of publishing myself and the different aspects of me that I wish to share with different audiences.

In this case it’s more professional than my personal thoughts, saved elsewhere.
And I can also allow myself to more explore the new technical features and functions that tend to emerge on the web, something that did not quite fit into the mindset of my other blog. As a side effect it would also potentially allow me to explore the possibilities of geolocation, photostreaming and other similar features.

I will not discard my old blog in favor of this, I hope. My intention is to let them complement each other, maybe I will move some content from there to here where suited. I will see how the experiment turns out.