Well then. Apparently Twenty Fifteen was too good, or at least it was without notice given reduced functionality in that the white background was removed and some ugly color schemes were enforced.

So I quickly had to change theme to something else to spare my eyes from the coloristic horror. A pity since the design was otherwise really great, but for now I’ll go with Penscratch until I find something better even though Penscratch does not seem to scale properly on SmartPhones, but the number of times I use that is so few in comparison with larger screens that it’ll have to do. I’ll miss Twenty Fifteen though.


Changed appearance to Twenty Fifteen and other WordPress updates

The last week has seen some major updates, all four blogs updated to WordPress 4.1, lots of themes updated, some plugins also maintenance updated. But of most interest was the newsflash of three new themes, Twenty Fifteen, Museum and Radcliffe.

The last two won’t really work on this blog since it’s more text-focused and only a few pictures, but for this I found the new Twenty Fifteen to work quite well. It felt somewhat odd to have the header on the left instead of on the top so I haven’t yet found a suitable image of right size and where the color doesn’t drown the text in the sidebar, but that can wait.

On the downside so far is that the Twitter gadget in Twenty Fifteen looks really ugly, and the updates don’t seem to work at all, or at least so slowly that I’m not sure if it’s usable, instead I quickly changed to the Twitter timeline widget, which seems to work well except that I can’t so far make it wide enough for my liking.

As for Museum and Radcliffe, in themselves they look really great, so I’m testing them on my photoblog and my other private blogs to see if they’re working out well enough to keep.

I’m not yet a friend of the new editor nor have I tested the new dashboard ferature to join all blogs into one, I’ll see how much spare time christmas holidays will give me.