Tech-Ed Europe 2013

I am booked for Tech-Ed Europe 2013.

It’s being held in Madrid this year which will be interesting as I’ve never been there before, all my earlier Tech-Ed visits have been to Barcelona, though the latter is a really nice place and I will miss not going there.

It’s also nice considering I had going there in my development plans for the last two years but it was postponed due to too much project activities and lack of time.

Architecturally it’s also very well timed as we’ve just finished our biggest project in many years and I’m free to look for both technologies to fill gaps, ease user pains and increase user friendliness and also look at both Office365 and cloud technologies such as Azure which are “hot topics” right now in the organisation.


Spring is coming

It’s still -20 outside, and yet spring is coming if ever so slowly. It’s sunny outside every now and then, or at least it’s not pitch black when both going to and coming home from work.

Speaking of work, when the workload finally seems to be going the right way, and I feel like I’m finally getting to somewhere where I could get in control of the tasks at hand, there’s time for yet another restructuring and reorganization.

So it looks like instead of less work there will be more work, but at least right now it’s Friday evening and so for now there will be no work.

And on the way home today, I got the chance to take this nice little picture

March 2013

Tour of duty ended

Today is the last day of over 15 years of duty guard. The official termination is from 31/12, but my last duty guard period for the old company ended this day.

Not with a bang, but with a whisper…

I expect there will be piece and quiet, at least until 1/1, or however soon the new company discovers they need this service too.

At least I can look forward to a long I disturbed Christmas and New Years vacation with no obligation to attend phone or check mail (beyond just for the fun of it) !